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track name: Slow Down
artist: Seahaven
album: Winter Forever
play count: 4829


Drag me out into the rain, tell me all about the pain I’ve been causing and the way it all makes sense with the weather.
Tell me he ain’t coming back, and no synthetic distraction will ever change the fact, nor make it any better.
I’ll reply by walking out, illustrate the then and now, leave you broken like you’ve been left by the ones that love you the most.
Oh, I am more lost than you could know.

track name: Overnight Celebrity (feat. Kanye West)
artist: Twista
album: Kamikaze
play count: 2403


skateboarding 2014


the only text that matters

track name: Whistle song
artist: Kill Bill
play count: 113013


☞ New Thursday Comic ☜ 

I need to learn to stagger boy on my warrior on tera ;__; someone tutor me qq


the past is an ocean of tears, part 2


Reasons why I like Nappa.